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Welcome to Discovery Scientific's Canadian online store! If you're located in the United States then please click the flag  to be redirected to our US website. If you're located in Australia or New Zealand then please click the flag  to be redirected to our partner company.

Discovery Scientific specializes in bench top instrumentation including liquid handling systems, spectrophotometers, thermal cyclers, homogenizers, DNA workstations for PCR set up and microplate and microtube shakers. We provide software for Genomics and Mass Spectrometry and offer a line of consumables that includes safety products, environmentally-friendly waste containers, reagent reservoirs and multi-tier 96 well plates.  

Discovery also specializes in instrumentation, software and transilluminators for gel and Western blot imaging. We have a complete line of advanced stand-alone and computer-controlled imaging systems for colorimetric, fluorescent, chemifluorescent, chemiluminescent and infrared applications.

Our gel imagers are controlled by state-of-the-art software that provides advanced capability for image acquisition and analysis. We also have an extensive range of white light, LED blue light and UV transilluminators for integration with our portable darkrooms or for assisting in the visualization and cutting of nucleic acid bands from gels.

All pricing on this site is in Canadian dollars and purchases can be made with a VISA or MasterCard.


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